The Spring Recap

Still very busy shooting and editing various project just get time to share some works that has been published the last month and share some behind the scene shoot by great friends Nicolas Jutzi

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Fast and Furry spring 015

Since January I ‘ve been on the grill fire my red epic like hell and melting my computer processor for editing. Here is some cool project already release and more will come.

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The Social Geek

I was against facebook I was against facebook fan page I was against Instagram but business is moving fast it’s better to keep up, first to be in the vibe and second by respect for my clients who communicate and work a lot with the different social.

Here is an excellent article by Vincent Laforet who resume photography and social network

I will definitely keep alive this blog with more in deep article

If you wish to follow my humble adventure

here are my Fan Page, Instagram and tweeter feed

Cinemargot Fan Page

Cinemargot Instagram (Just started so it’s nearly empty)

Photomargot Tweeter

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Winter news 2015

Happy to share some fresh work and news on this beginning of 2015 who already started furiously with a ton of exciting jobe on the line up.

Here is the project I shooted in the virgin Island for Cannondale

Directed by Mike Cotty for Media-24

DP and editing Christophe Margot

Cinematographer and photographer Nicolas Jutzi

Drone Pilote Sylvain Georges

If you have the possibility to watch 4k content

I am happy to let you know that I upgraded two 4k videos on vimeo .

4K Mandela Day from Christophe Margot on Vimeo.

4K Teaser Valerette from Christophe Margot on Vimeo.

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Furry hurry ready

Recently I have been assigned by Media-24 uk based agency own by Mike Cotty to shoot the road cycling pro team Garmin Cannondale on the Virgin Island . Before the shoot we didn’t get a lot information we just knew that we will spend a lot of time on water, we must record everything on 4k and and we need to shoot aerial footage.

For this type of job of “furry hurry ready to shoot at any time anywhere on any support”, the key is the team, small but super efficient and versatile who can adapt at any situation. I use to work with great professional who become friend Nicolas Jutzi and Sylvain Georges the drone pilote.

For the gear we didn’t have a ton of gear but the right one 1 red epic, 1 red scarlet, 2 gopro 4 black edition, 1 Panasonic Gh4 (for the drone), Dji Ronin, Drone DJI S1000, Drone DJI F450, Zoom H4N, micro Sanken C1 plus boom, Wireless micro Sennheiser, plus a wide range of Canon Lenses.

During the 5 days shooting we fly the drone from boats shore and beaches we used the Dj Ronin on land from the car from a sailboat and a motorboat we sent the gopro up in the air and underwater. The red camera worked like Swiss watch at any situation.

We get lost on the beach and need to hike bare foot but with snorkel gear and camera gear on the main street. We enter on a national park with no permit no money but just a big camera and we did it. Fit 5 people and eleven cases in a normal car we did it. Fly from Europe to the USA with the huge drone battery in our hand baggage, we made a 30 minutes delay on our fisrt flight from Geneva to London because Sylvain was talking with the pilote and trying to let us go with our big battery. At the JFK the security staff were very close to call a bomb squad when our first bag go to the Xray.

The result of this trip will be show at New York on a videowall of 36 meters wide for 3 meters height

But no more talk here is some bts pictures

IMG_8753 IMG_8763 IMG_8778 IMG_8793 IMG_8821 IMG_8841 IMG_8842 IMG_8846 IMG_8850

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Hour Record

It was a great pleasure and honor to participate for Scott to the hour record by the pro cyclist Matthias Brändle and his team Iam cycling

The goal was to deliver the video as quick as we can after Mathias break the record. So we spend with Nicolas Jutzi the full night editing like crazy to deliver at 9h30am next morning the final video

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In and out

This past weeks I’ve been busy shooting in and out D35 sailing and road bike here are the projects and as goodies some BTS pictures

All this project have been shoot with great friend Nicolas Jutzi

IMG_8582 IMG_8585 IMG_8610 IMG_8612 IMG_8614 IMG_8615 IMG_8485 IMG_8505 IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8608

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Wet and water

September has been super busy on water and I am happy to share some new projects

Ntfm Project, Non ti fermi mai from Christophe Margot on Vimeo.

Here is the light configuration I use to shoot from the tender and onboard the D35 sail boat


Rain Cover


Electronic View finder


dyna battery






 kata rain cover











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The september news

Happy to share my last work

And BTS pix shoot by Sophia Urbanphoto

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The Challenge

So next week myself and photographer Nicolas Jutzi we will follow Mike Cotty in his longest and toughest journey to date, a 1000km traverse of the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps featuring 21 mountains and 23,000 metres of elevation. That’s means for us it’s 50 hours straight in a car filming Mike. For us it’s just an adventure to be a good crew that the key to enjoy an adventure like that. Also the most important to survive is no rush easy going during all the journey.

You can follow this crasy trip onlive via tweeter with #Road2MtBlanc

Here is the TRAILER

And here is the PHOTOGRAPHY capture from sweet Red Epic

Mike Cotty Road2MontBlanc014 – Images by Christophe Margot

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