The Challenge

So next week myself and photographer Nicolas Jutzi we will follow Mike Cotty in his longest and toughest journey to date, a 1000km traverse of the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps featuring 21 mountains and 23,000 metres of elevation. That’s means for us it’s 50 hours straight in a car filming Mike. For us it’s just an adventure to be a good crew that the key to enjoy an adventure like that. Also the most important to survive is no rush easy going during all the journey.

You can follow this crasy trip onlive via tweeter with #Road2MtBlanc

Here is the TRAILER

And here is the PHOTOGRAPHY capture from sweet Red Epic

Mike Cotty Road2MontBlanc014 – Images by Christophe Margot

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4k still and motion


Very proud and honor to have my Mandela Day video selected by Red Cinema Digital on their official 4K chanel. The video is just next to the BBC Brasilian World Cup promo

My last Red Bull project with René Wildhaber



Wildi Foxes – Images by Christophe Margot

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The perfect jobe

That the third time I am following for Mavic an epic long ride with a road cyclist. I can say it’s the perfect jobe, we cross amazing landsacape we have time to work and you can feel the passion every minute. Those cyclists like Mike Cotty Zack Vestal and Nico Roux they are doing it not because it’s cool or hype or to win something they do it because they love it so much.

Here is the full movie of Mike Cotty and here is the Colorado loop by Zack Vestal

And find below the Tour du Mont Blanc by Nico Roux music by Solex

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June News

Upgrade news etc… enjoy

Happy to share the Vulcain Trophy episode 3 with the amazing sailing machine the D35

Some news of Fab Barel after his terrible crash in Chile

Fabien Barel Presents S3 – Récupération from Mavic on Vimeo.

A Mavic’s ads that I shoot with Sylvain George as the drone operator
Capture d’écran 2014-06-17 à 15.42.08

As a geek I am happy to present my new toy… but so useful with adobe speedgrade it’s a perfect combo

More news about this grading piano here

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Vulcain Trophy Open de Crans 2014

I had such pleasure to shoot and edit the second stage of the Vulcain Trophy 2014 the « Open de Crans »

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Water Dirt and Water

Glad to share those new videos I shoot in May and April

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Trailer Fab Present saison 03

Fab Barel Present saison 03 is ON very happy to share the new trailer

Directed by: Fab Barel and Christophe Margot
Camera: Christophe Margot and Nico Jutzi
Edit and grading: Christophe Margot

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Vulcain Trophy 2014 Sailing D35

vulcain logo you tube




I am very happy and proud to share that I will be in charge of the video production for the well know Vulcain Trophy 2014 “D35 Regatta”. My great friend Loris vonSiebenthal will be the official photographer.

Vulcain Trophy
Official website

And here is the teaser I edit with the footage of  Team Tilt Sailing that I shoot last year

One more things here is below the last video of Intercycle That I shoot with Nicolas Jutzi for

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6 videos in 3 days

Last October we shoot with Nico Jutzi six short mountain Bike videos for Intercycle Group

Fortunately we worked at home so we new pretty well the location and the good restaurants so we had an amazing time shooting this whole project.

One more video will release soon

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Music better to do it in the right way

In this digital world when everything is free specially music it better to do it right other way your hard work can be ruin in a few second.

I just experiment that yesterday. Our video Mandela day has been removed by vimeo without telling me and any warning, in place of the video we had this lovely message  “Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Kirbyko Music LLC claiming that this material is infringing: Mandela Day »

Both music used in our project has been licensed via the web site gettyimages Musique.

After asking Vimeo what’s going on and what to do they reply quickly what to do and who to contact.

I thought it would take ever to solve the problem so I emailed directly to the artist and his music agent who ask vimeo to shut down the video including in the email the contract for gettyimage.

What a surprise a few hour later I get an email fro the agent let me know that they were their mistakes and tell me that Vimeo will put back the video soon.

I must say the vimeo staff was extremely efficient

Mandela Day from Christophe Margot on Vimeo.

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